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Make it easy to know everybody in your group or organization

Custom name badges for your group or organization makes it easy to get to know everybody.  And now we are offering custom aluminum novelty license plates for your golf carts or your car.  Let everybody know what your passion is.

Why Al's Badges

  1. Bright fade resistant colors will not wash off
  2. Magnetic fasteners, but we do offer pins for those who prefer
  3. Different sizes and shapes available
  4. Use your logo or image
  5. Collaborate with us to create a unique and completely custom design
  6. Church groups, sports clubs, social clubs

Al's Badges are made locally by a Village resident.  Any emergency requests can be quickly taken care of.  All badges are metal and the images are chemically bonded to the base by a sublimation process using pressure and high temperatures.

We are very confident we can issue the following to guarantee your satisfaction:


100% Guaranteed... You don't like it for any reason... return it for full refund or replacement.  Should your badge become damaged, we will replace it, free of charge.

How to Order


Order Your Badges

Ordering is simple.  For new customers, contact me by phone or email.  We'll discuss what you are looking for and I will send you a proof sheet with various options to choose from.  Once you have approved the badge design that you want, simply send an email to acvillagegraphics@gmail.com with the list of names and other information you want on the name badge.  Also, include in your email your home street address and a telephone number you can be reached at.  When your list is received,  the badges will be made.  There usually is a 1 to 2 day turn-around from time of order.  For future orders and existing customers, just send me an email stating the club or organization

 you are affiliated with and the list of names and I'll take care of the rest.

Delivery Of Your Badges Within The Villages

As a new policy, free delivery anywhere within The Villages North of Co.Rt. 44 will be included with every order of 2 or more badges.  For single badge orders, the customer may pick them up at my home or be mailed to them for additional postage. Once the order is complete, a confirmation with an attached invoice will be emailed to you along with a notification of when your order will be delivered if that option is chosen.  Checks made out to  ALLAN CAMPNEY or cash will gladly be accepted.  You can also send payment via PayPal to the email address:  acvillagegraphics@gmail.com

Delivery for Non-Villages Addresses and Areas South of Ct.Rt. 44

Because of the enormous and never ending expansion of The Villages, any orders from areas of The Villages south of Ct. Rt. 44 or from outside The Villages will not include free delivery.  These badges can either be shipped via USPS Priority using their rates, incur a nominal delivery charge, or arranged to be picked up for no additional cost.  Regardless,  your order will be ready within just a couple days.

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